Our Tristan Lee cigar is a delegate formula of 5 different Nicaraguan premium tobaccos. The wrapper is an Oscuro, dark in Spanish, developed with the Pennsylvania Oscuro seed as a guide and Habana seed. This wrapper is grown in Nicaragua.

This leaf is primed (picked) from the lower levels of the cigar plant. It is the most delicate part of our cigars with an abundance of the flavor of dark chocolate. The wrapper is a fragile tobacco leaf and kept moist when constructing the cigar's final part of life.

The wrapper is often the focus of attention from cigar aficionados. The wrapper is argued not to have the flavor but only and aesthetic role. In the Tristan Lee wrapper, the wrapper was an essential part of the ingredients' selection as the wrapper adds an incredible taste of dark chocolate and adds that flavor when paired with our Whiskey brand. Our wrapper leaf is a little less broad than some other wrapper leaves but makes for a great tasting premium cigar and our choice of a cigar to pair with Whiskey.

Inside of the Tristan Lee is the binder that holds together the exotic filler leaves. The binder leaf is typically primed (picked) from the tobacco plant center to the lower quarter of the tobacco plant. This leaf must be paired with the other leaves to enhance the burning of the cigars.

The filler is a combination of 3 other primed tobaccos in our Tristan Lee cigar. We began adding the Viso and Seco from the Estiele area and gave the cigar a slight Ligero touch. All the tobacco used in the filler are full and not short filled.

You will experience a small delightful change in the Tristan Lee Cigar's taste in each third of this premium cigar's enjoyment. The Viso leaf is more potent than seco and less potent than Ligero. Viso tends to be thinner than ligero and thicker than seco. Seco sometimes is referred to as volado. We have put a great deal of care in selecting these tobacco types for our Tristan Lee blend. The leaves must be balanced and placed in the binder in a specific order to maintain the taste of our Tristan Lee Cigar. The proper mixture is what makes this blend outstanding.

We define our Tristan Lee Cigar as the best cigar for pairing with our whiskey, as the cigar compliments a wonderfully light, chocolaty tobacco scent. The Habano leaves of the Tristan Lee cigar filler is perfectly balanced, offering harmonious chocolate and lightly spice of flavor.

We fell you will enjoy a relaxing 45 minute to 1-hour smoke encounter with this fine premium cigar. You will be enjoying the flavor of 5 different Nicaraguan tobaccos, making a genuinely outstanding Puro Nicaragua Cigar.